Monday, July 9, 2012

Honolulu Weekly Coverage

A couple of weeks ago, I spent about an hour on the phone with Kauai writer Joan Conrow, who was working on an article about beach access problems in Hawaii. Her cover story for the Honolulu Weekly just came out, and does a very good job of presenting some of the issues. But it's impossible to discuss in detail just how complicated and difficult it is to get any real change in our laws in one magazine article. You'd need a book to do that.

That's because beach access involves state, county and even federal agencies that each oversee certain aspects of shoreline management -- while no single body has authority to make and enforce comprehensive policies to protect the public's interest.

It's all done piecemeal in typical bureaucratic crisis-management style: stuff only gets done after a major catastrophe occurs or a big lawsuit gets settled.

Anyhow, the article is worth reading in its entirety. Here's the link:

Speaking of beach vegetation, below is a photo of Kailua Beach where naupaka has spread over hundreds and hundreds of yards. In some cases, the property owners have been watering the naupaka so that they can extend their property boundaries and keep people away from their homes. I find it ironic and funny that they claim one reason they have locked gates on their beach side lanes is they want "privacy".... and then they install gigantic picture windows that allow anyone on the beach to look into their ostentatious mansions!