Monday, August 20, 2012

Oahu Beach Access Online... Sort of

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser "Kokua Line" column reported this item regarding Beach Rights of Way (BROWs) on Aug.20:

The city Department of Parks and Recreation has posted an updated list of its BROWS -- beach rights of ways -- on its website,
However, the list of 87 sites, which are tied to the city's beach access areas where Emergency Response Locator signs are posted,  give only a general location. For example, 134-C (Kahala Avenue at Elepaio Street) and 87-B (Kaimalino Street). In many cases there is no designated street address for the rights of way.
Another four locations recently identified as rights of way are awaiting signs.
Among them is "Ko Olina Lagoon and Roadway Easement," which a parks official said has been confirmed with the city Department of Land Utilization as a designated easement area going back to 1995. But the exact locations there -- one or more -- still have to be identified. Once that happens, signs will be made and posted, the official said.
Public access to the manmade lagoons at Ko Olina has been a sore point within the community for years (see It's not yet clear what the newly identified public rights of way there mean.
Once all 91 locations have been identified by the Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division and signs made and posted by the parks department, they will be linked to locator maps. At that point the online list will be updated, allowing people to click on maps to see the exact location. There's no target date for when that will happen.

So I click on the website link and scrolled down to the Frequently Asked Questions section: Where can I find the City and County of Honolulu Beach Rights-of-way?

The problem though is if you click on that you will get a downloadable file (Excel spreadsheet) instead of any kind of useful map as noted above. Sigh. Really, is it that difficult for someone in the City Dept. of Parks and Recreation to transpose the information to a map? What is taking them so long to do this simple project?